1. I just finished this mini doc about Richard Gilmore and his plans to build a flame thrower or “poofer” as he prefers to call it.  His intentions were to test the device then take it over the border to the U.S. and use it as a light source for photography.  The fierce drive to create illogical things at this festival fascinates me.  Sculptures are often huge (how do they get them out to the desert?) and dangerous looking (shooting flames).  All hail the brave and crazy world that Burning Man. 

  2. A while ago I created my own mini version of Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris for the London Fringe Festival.  I found the cemetery such a gorgeous place full of sculptures and stories and this homage to that experience is “Dead In Paris”, a sculpture/photo collage.  This video attempts to capture my process and experience working on this piece. 

  3. The Loft 404 ~ Ambrosia Hub is a beautiful bohemian performance studio (among other things).  I had the opportunity to perform there on October 27th.  The earlier post of the construction of the wolf mask was for that event.  I wore it to enter with a cloak covering my dancing costume.  It worked in creating a creepy entrance.  Check out the Loft 404 at

    www.loft404.com and www.dirtandskirt.com  and you will have made some cool discoveries.

  4. In February, 2012, I worked on a production of Jenny’s House of Joy for Theatre Soup.  My partner John and I co-designed the set, John built it with the help of Sookie Mei (Soup) and her partner Peter Sugar.  I enjoyed the process and loved creating the portraits of the girls to hang on the wall at Jenny’s. 

    If you want to know more about the theatre scene in London, Ont go to www.theatreinlondon.ca   also  http://www.ldtonline.ca/www.theatreinlondon.ca   also  http://www.ldtonline.ca/

  5. I started with a cast of my face. I used plaster bandages for this.
    I build a nose and ears out of cardboard and built it up with paper mache so that is stayed light. Then I coated the wolf with plaster bandages.
    The finished wolf mask, ready for performance.

    I was invited to perform a dance (performance art/dance) number at an event at The Loft 404 in Toronto on October 27th.  It was a Cabaret Masquerade party and I really wanted to do something artsy so I decided to come out in a robe in a beastie mask, all mysterious like, and then reveal the sparkly bits underneath after a minute of prowling around.  I designed this mask for that event.  What a great time.  Check out The Loft 404 for any events they might be having.  Such a unique artsy space.  http://www.loft404.com/


  6. In the beginning…

    I am creating this blog to share some magical things that have been created, have happened, in London, Ontario, Canada, a small city with so much going on… you just have to find it.  I hope this compilation of events features the wealth of talent here.  Of course, it is a little self-centric, but with all of the brilliant company I keep I will do my best to feature us in a glowing light.  Enjoy!

  7. I created these small (around 3” square-ish) paintings as awards for the London One Act Festival (LOAF) last year.  I love the fact that they pay artists every year to make them. 


  8. "“The older I get, the surer I am that I’m not running the show.”
    ― Leonard Cohen"